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Copyright 2011 by     All Rights reserved 
Sun City
Dance Club
Are we having fun yet? We certainly are!

For even more fun, join us for any of our upcoming dances. Check out the Dances links at the left of this page for dates, times, and locations.

Reminder - dues are due by December 31. If you haven't paid yours yet, print off a Membership Application and send it in today!

We are always in need of volunteers to help with dances and lessons. This is your chance learn more about the Club and have fun at the same time. Please contact one of our Directors to offer your services:

    •  Monthly Dances - Louise Steele (623-680-2056 or
    •  Ballroom - Charlie Ferrell (623-282-8419 or
    •  Country Western - Earlene Swafford (623-544-3602) or )
    •  Dance Arts - Ruth Carpenter (623-214-7002 or
    •  Line Dance - Howard Klemmer (623-556-9438 or )
    •  Website - Gary Inman (623-556-4059 or


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