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Sun City
Dance Club
Monthly Dances
Dances are held in the Sagebrush Ballroom at Sonoran Plaza.   The music played at these dances is largely swing and freestyle. Guests are welcome. An cash bar will start at 6:30 pm and the dance will run from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Tickets are $10.00 each (unless noted otherwise) and are sold in advance through Ticket Turtle or at the Activities ticket desk in Sonoran Plaza (623-546-7449). Tickets go on sale two months before the dance. If the dance does not sell out in advance, tickets will also be available at the door.   When dances sell out, tickets may sometimes be available on a wait list.  Contact Louise Steele at 623-680-2056.

If you have purchased tickets to a dance and would like to see the table assignment for the dances, click on the "Table assignment" link located after the dance date below.

The Sonoran Plaza is (SP)          The Cimarron Center is (CC)
19753 N. Remington Dr               17100 W. Clearview Blvd
Sun City Grand                           Sun City Grand                          
Surprise, AZ.                               Surprise, AZ.              

The dates and scheduled music groups for the 2018 Monthly  Variety Dances are:

Fri.; Jan. 12,   Rhythm Edition,  Theme: Gridiron Mania  (SP)
Sat.; Feb.  3,   Desert Brew,      Theme: Valentine's Dance (SP)
Sat.; Feb.  3,   Thaddeus Rose, Theme: Valentine's Dance (CC)  (Sold out)
Fri.; Mar. 16,   Rhythm Edition,  Theme: Baseball Fever   (SP)
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Fri.;  Apr. 13,  Thaddeus Rose,  Theme: "Spring Fling'  (SP)
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Sat.; Oct. 27,  Thaddeus Rose,  Theme: "Halloween Dance #2" (SP)
Sat.; Oct. 27,  Harry Mathews,    Theme; "Halloween Dance #1" (CC)
Sat.; Nov.  3,  Rhythm Edition,    Theme: " "  (SP)
Fri.;  Dec. 21, Thaddeus Rose,   Theme; " " (SP)

We need volunteers to help decorate, collect tickets, and clean up after the dances. We reward our regular volunteers with an annual luncheon. If you would like to volunteer to help with the monthly dances, please contact our Monthly Dance Director, Louise Steele at 680-2056 or