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Sun City
Dance Club
President Gary Inman 623-556-4059
Past President
Vice-President Tom Savarese 623-594-0536
Secretary Camille Savarese 623-594-0536
Treasurer Dennis Jarc 623-266-7676
Membership Jean Pelham 623-546-1831
Monthly Dance Director Louise Steele 623-680-2056
Ballroom Director Charlie Ferrell 623-282-8419
Country Western Director Earlene Swafford 623-544-3602
Line Dance Director Howard Klemmer
Dance Arts Director Ruth Carpenter 623-214-7002
Website Director Gary Inman 623-556-4059
Media Director Arline Inman 623-556-4059
The Officers and Directors meet to handle Dance Club business on the third Monday of every month.  Click here to see the dates of the Board meetings.
To learn more about how the Board works, click on the links below.

Dance Board Duties and Responsibilities
Rules and Procedures for the Election of Officers
Board of Directors
2017 Dance Club Board: